Friday, July 9, 2010

General Ezra

Ezra turned 4 on June 23. Happy birthday big fella. With the new advance in age, it apparently came with some additional authority. Let's just say Ezra is flexing his new found 4-year-old muscle. For his birthday he received money from grandmas and grandpas (Thanks!) and so we trundled off to Wal-Mart to let him pick out a gift. He settled on a Legos Star Wars set and when we got home he instructed Ethan and Taylor they needed to put it together for him. He would be more than happy to play with the finished product, but putting it together took some advanced Legos skills he doesn't quite possess. They were more than happy to take care of it. What great brothers. Alas, it took some doing, perhaps a little longer than initially suspected. Ezra retired to the kitchen for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich -- crunchy peanut butter with the crust off on a plate. After wolfing down his sammich, Ezra climbed the stairs to the loft where his brothers were trying to finish up the Star Wars warship.

Ezra: "Aren't you guys done yet?"
Ethan and Taylor: "We're getting there."
Ezra (He frowns. He's clearly miffed.): "I'll be back in 20 minutes," he said, wagging his finger at them. "It better be done."

And with that he marched back downstairs. I think his brothers got the message. After they started laughing and wondering who put Ezra in charge.