Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's been a tough pre-season of baseball for Ethan. While lifting weights in his strength and conditioning class a few weeks ago something popped in his elbow and he's been fighting soreness. He says it's finally feeling better. Last week he got the flu the day before a pre-season game and although he made it back to school the next day and onto the field -- despite feeling woozy -- he had to sit out the first three innings of the game due to a rule about missing school. And then yesterday happened. During drills while jogging over to pick up a ball a teammate chucked a ball and smacked Ethan above the left eye. It was an accident, but he suffered a mild concussion, though he never blacked out. He was still fairly out of it when I picked him up from practice yesterday. Last night we had to wake him up every two hours to make sure he was coherent. That was crazy. I was barely coherent and somehow I was supposed to discern if he was coherent? Ethan's first official baseball game of his high school career is supposed to be tomorrow. Maybe he'll play if he can see out of his left eye. In the first practice game he was the starting third baseman and batted leadoff. Today he looks like Rocky. Tomorrow hopefully he'll look like a baseball player.

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