Monday, October 4, 2010

Missing Taylor

Three months between blog posts? We apologize. If anyone out there in cyberspace is still reading the Team Sabo blog, we bring you an update. Taylor is now in Corvallis, Ore., attending Cornerstone School of Ministry and living with Brenton. He's having a blast. But boy howdy do we miss him. In so many ways, among them hearing him playing worship songs throughout the day around the house, sometimes with Olivia accompanying him on the Cajon (called "the box") as you can see in the photo.

Ethan is sure feeling the departure of his brother. When Taylor left, he passed the mantle of the Friday night youth Bible study teacher to Ethan, just as Brenton passed the mantle to Taylor when he left for Calvary Chapel Bible College. Taylor timed his departure perfectly, leaving after teaching in Genesis 37. That means Ethan got to pick up right where his brother left off ... in Genesis 38, the story of Judah and Tamar. Lovely. The next week Ethan got to break down Genesis 39, the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife. Ethan thinks Taylor planned that on purpose. But we've heard good reports of Ethan's teaching, so praise the Lord for that. And this past Friday we had something like 50-55 teenagers at our house for Bible study ... an amazing work God is doing here.

Taylor will be back home for Christmas, but other than that he will be out in Oregon until early June. We allowed him to go to the School of Ministry on one condition, and one condition only: He comes back. It's hard enough having Brenton 3,200 miles away. We're hoping he comes back soon as well. Who knows. Maybe he'll drive Taylor home in June -- and stay.

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  1. I, unfortunately was out of town and did not get to see Taylor when he came to Bend, but he left a message on my phone reminding me just how 'homeschooled' he is. Was. And of course, he totally cracked me up.