Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dressed For Church!

As you can see from the photo of the #11 Sabo, Ezra got into the dress up box. Big time. He asked if he could go to church like this. Um, no. Nice try, though. His older brothers, Ethan and Taylor, are always so horrified when the little guys get into the dress up box and come out looking something like this. Little do they know that they did the same thing.
I have to admit, he's a cute ballerina. And the necklace and pink shoes are really working for him. Our dress up box has quite a collection of gear due to years and years of donations. From Claire's ballerina outfits, to Spiderman costumes, to camo jackets and pirate costumes, there's clothes for every occasion in there.
Except for church. We'll just stick to the shirt and shorts he was wearing under the ballerina outfit. And we have some sandals he could wear to church that are a little less scandalous than the pink Barbie heels.

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  1. Too cute. Our dress-up box is a conglomeration of mismatched misc. stuff too. Recently our crew has been re-enacting Fireproof. I swear, they have the whole movie memorized. :)