Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nature Calls

It must be something in the genetics. Surely it's a very part of the DNA in every little boy's body. That insatiable, uncontrollable urge to leave his mark in the yard. I'm pleased to announce that the fairly recently potty-trained Ezra completed his rite of passage this afternoon by marking his territory in our yard. At least it was in our back yard. Several times I've seen the obligatory little boy doing his thing, pants and undies down around his knees and whizzing like a garden hose -- in the front yard. I'm sure that's a violation of Homeowner's Association codes and covenants and something that could get the toilet-challenged little lad in big trouble. Ezra at least had the common decency to whiz in the relative privacy of our back yard. While I'm bemused and even proud of this seminal moment in my little boy's life, Julie is confused. Why must all of her boys at one time or another treat the great outdoors as their bathroom?

I try to tell her that they are just doing some "weed abatement" and that it beats us spending 20 bucks on Roundup. I don't know that it's convincing her that peeing in the yard is a good thing. But at the same time, I don't think you can necessarily stop it. It's just one of those things that our little boys have to get out of their system and then we can all move on. If it's an ongoing issue, then we'll address it. But truth be told, the boys seem to grow out of it. Most of us do, that is. Not all, just most.


  1. lol...All of my boys have "watered" our yard good. I have no problem with it. Unless they choose to stand on the running board of the van and whiz in the church parking lot for the whole church family to see. THAT is a bit embarrassing. Thankfully, it was a church of large families and EVERYONE had had a little boy do that at one time or other. :)

  2. I hope the lord blesses us with a boy, After 6 girls I am starting to get worried about my ability to someday train my son up in the ways of becoming a man, ie... killing the weeds. I do have one little girl though who decided the baseball diamond by the playground we were at yesterday needed watering though, but alas she sat down on the grass to go. Thank you lord for that.