Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mr. Fix It

By now, after you've perused these photos, you're probably wondering how many Sabos it takes to remove a busted up master bedroom window and then install a new one. The answer would be five -- Matt, Julie, Brenton, Taylor and Ethan -- plus our excellent neighborhood neighbor Mr. Alan Wisely. This is what happens when you combine a journalist with little training in the fine arts of shattered master bedroom removal and installation of replacement window, with three teenage boys rousted from sleep at mid morning and a six-foot tall bedroom window. But miracles happen every day and the fact that this window was installed and the back of the house looks normal with siding and all and no one was cut, maimed, injured or otherwise decapitated is testament to a loving, merciful God.
We've already had one big storm pass through and no leaks have been noticed so that's a tremendous blessing. What was funny was the reaction of a friend at church when I informed him that the entire job was finished in the matter of a few hours. I think he was shocked that I pulled that off. Needless to say, I had a lot of help. I'm happy to report that this moment of Team Sabo Home Improvement Triumph is revealing in this regard: I am somewhat useful around here, even for more than writing an occasional newspaper story and knocking up my wife. (Editor's note: Was that necessary? Author's reply: Okay, you're right. I also cook dinner frequently. And have changed thousands of diapers.)
Praise the Lord that the window was financed through a generous contribution from our home insurance policy. Hopefully the generosity of our fabulous house insurance company (Traveler's! They're the best! Their coverage is number 1! Their claims adjusters are number 1! Their -- Editor's note: Ahem. Excuse me. Is this a shameless plug to try and get them to advertise on your blog? Author's reply: Is it that obvious?) cover the damaged gutters as well and we're calling on an estimate. I have to give a shout out to Ethan, who was a big help at the tail end of the project when I was putting the siding back on and he dutifully perspired through that part of the project with me. Of course, at the same time Taylor was gunking up his fingers by caulking, so he deserves ample kudos as well. Where was Brenton you ask? Getting his hair cut. And we applaud that move on his part.

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  1. That is hilarious! Great job on the window. I am a tad bit envious of your help. kids who are six, four and 1.5 just don't have the arm power.