Monday, March 23, 2009

Loaves And Fishes

Somehow I survived a week of finals in Cornerstone School of Ministry and now it's "Spring Break." Now if spring would just break out. It was a very tiring week of school and studying and I was telling someone how much I felt like a weenie. I mean, it's just studying, right? I was comforted by the fact that Brenton, who pretty much spent the week acing test after test, said that even in his two years of Bible college he had never studies as hard as he did last week. I have learned so much in the six months we have been here in metropolitan Corvallis. I pray that my heart is changing and surrendering to the Lord. This is a big week for us and we covet your prayers. Two of our sons, Taylor and Ethan, arrive in Brazil today for a two-week missions trip with a group of teens and adults from Calvary Chapel Corvallis. They departed yesterday morning, Sunday, and when they woke up Saturday morning, they were still hundreds of dollars short of their fund-raising goal. That day, though, a woman gave them $100 and another family gave them $700. Praise the Lord. God is good, eh? We're in kind of the same boat here at Team Sabo and we're excited to see what the Lord does this week. God bless.


  1. Yes, God is SO good! That is so awesome.

  2. Eh? youv'e said that before mate. You sure you ain't part Canadian?

  3. Praise the Lord! Jason was wanting to see Ethan tonight.. we were trying to explain on a two year old level that he is in Brazil. Not sure if he caught on. Anyways, we'll be praying for the entire group for sure!