Friday, March 20, 2009

One Of Those Mornings

About 6:45 a.m. I rolled out of bed to head for the shower. Our sweet little Olivia was stirring in the porta-crib so I tried to quietly gather my clothes and head out of the room. Yeah right. She was up and at 'em in no time and so I grabbed her to give her to Julie. That's about when I figured out Julie was gone. Which is approximately the time I remembered Julie said she was heading to the 6 a.m. morning prayer at church.

I was on my own.

I packed Olivia into the bathroom and sat her on the floor with some toys. Then I proceeded to give myself a haircut. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right, that doesn't take long. Real funny -- even if it's true. Meantime, she seemed to be doing fine doing what babies do in the morning. You figure it out. I jumped in the shower, freshened up then after getting dressed toted her back to the bedroom. By now Eli was up. He's hungry and wants some cereal. I quickly deduce, based on some olfactory inspections of parts of Olivia, that she needs a new diaper. Boy was I in for it. Somehow she had pretty much completely missed her diaper and the contents of what was a short time earlier in her bowels was all over her onesie and tights she wears under her pink sweatpants. This was not going to be easy. Nor clean. Nor efficient. I'll spare you the details but let's just say portions of the area where I changed Olivia may have qualified for a Superfund site after I was finished. She ended up clean and happy and I managed to make it to school at 7:59 a.m. -- with a minute to spare -- and yes I washed my hands before I got 3 or 4 kids cereal this morning (I can't remember exactly who was being served up a delicious, nutritious breakfast). The bigger question is why this morning? Why did Olivia choose this particular morning, when I'm flying solo, to perform a consumer test of the quality, effectiveness and performance of her diaper? I'll have to pray about this one. Clearly the Lord is trying to teach me something.


  1. Sorry about that yo, I feel a tad bit guilty for stealing your baby savvy wife...but not too guilty to say, "HA-HA!!"

  2. Oh, yes. Those wonderful blow-out moments. We call out 'code brown!' when a blow-out happens in the Oelkers' residence. :)