Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Cappahosic Sunset

We took 50 percent of the Sabo kids down to the York River this evening to a place called Cappahosic. Back in the day, way back before Oregon was a state, it was home to a ferry. Up the road is an estate with a stately brick home that dates to 1712 and is still inhabited. I'll get a picture up of it as well sometime. It was a cool little trip down to the beach. We found a couple of dead baby crabs, which is always exciting. We fought off some aggressive gnats -- not so cool; note to self: next time bring the bug spray -- dipped our toes in the warm water on a still 80-degree night and bumped into some neighbors who agreed to keep our secret little beach hideout to ourselves. Ezra wouldn't go near the water and stayed in the grass up on the road. I'm not sure what his issue is, but he sure dived into the bath when we got home. Maybe the crabs scared him off. His loss.

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