Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Historic -- And Stormy -- Gloucester

I just heard Ezra standing at the front door admonishing Eli for opening it and peering out. "Don't let the thunder in," Ezra kept saying as he tried to shut the door. This afternoon we were besieged by a rip roaring thunderstorm. A couple bolts struck so close the thunder was right on top of them and shook the house, once when the front door was wide open. Ezra was none too happy about that.

Tonight Julie and I packed up Eli and Olivia and took a stroller a mile down to the historic Gloucester Courthouse Circle to walk downtown. The brick building you can see in the photo above -- as we launched our ill-fated journey -- dates to just before the Revolutionary War. Virginia Militia troops mustered on the front steps of the courthouse to answer the call of liberty against the dread Redcoats. Pretty cool stuff, especially considering the courthouse is still in use today for county meetings. We were a half-block away from the courthouse when we looked out to the west and saw clouds the color of iron. Trees started bending in the wind and flags started rippling and we turned tail and headed for the van. When we made it home our neighbor came out and said he was sitting on his porch when he noticed the clouds swirling down among the trees across the street. Then the swirl o' wind hit the ground and tossed around a recycling bin and garbage can. Just a little street side entertainment is all that was.

Ezra is a little rattled right now. He's keeping an eye on the front door to make sure no one lets the thunder in.

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  1. We had a doozy here. At least 3 inches of hail and a deluge of water. Of course it was quitting time and the phones were ringing off the hook in my office because schools were flooding like crazy and they needed maintenance out there ASAP. Check out the dude that drove his car into the underpass on 3rd - water up to his windows. (You can see the video at KTVZ.com) Craziness bro, craziness.