Sunday, February 1, 2009

Answers to Big Questions

Recently I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about our substantial family. So I thought I would share. I'll probably divy this up into two takes. It asked for quick bios of the characters that comprise Team Sabo, followed by some other questions. So here goes:

Julie, 40, is the matriarch of Team Sabo. She’s birthed 12 children, all naturally and drug-free, which is remarkable in and of itself. She leads a Bible study, homeschools all of the children, wields a mean wooden spoon, is loving, caring, kind … she’s a keeper.

Brenton, 19, just finished a two-year Bible college program with a 3.92 GPA. He’s called to be a pastor and we’re praying about planting a church when we return to Gloucester. He plays guitar and is also doing the School of Ministry with me. We pretty much have our own congregation, eh?

Taylor, 16, leads a Bible study in Gloucester and when we moved to Oregon joined the local high school cross country team. Even though there was only 4 weeks left in the season he made varsity and helped the team to a 5th-place finish at the state meet.

Ethan, 15, will be joined by Taylor and going on a missions trip to Brazil with youth from our church in Corvallis in March. He is a perennial All-Star in the summer baseball league and ran cross country this year as well. He’s also learning to play guitar and sing worship songs, following in the footsteps of his older brothers.

Claire, 13, is quite the baker – cheesecakes and chocolate chip cookies are her specialty – and enjoys the usual teen girl fare of shopping, snapping photos, Facebooking, etc. She is really enjoying hanging out with Godly young women who are discipling her.

Evie, 11, enjoys playing soccer and is a voracious reader and our little artist. She’s outgoing and makes friends easily and loves to e-mail and Facebook with her friends back in Virginia. Like Claire, she's enjoying being discipled.

MerriGrace, 10, cannot write a sentence on someone’s Facebook wall without a minimum of two exclamation marks. She loves to play piano and is our mini-mommy and can often be found carrying around the baby and putting her to sleep on her shoulder.

Abram, 9, loves building with Legos, particularly Star Wars, and is a pretty quiet little dude. He’s very observant and also has been putting the hurt to the Tooth Fairy lately as well.

Madeline, 7, is very social and enjoys going to her friends’ houses and is very talented at memorizing Scripture and picking up concepts in school. She’s a vivacious little girl who always has a hug for her Daddy.

Gabe, 6, still likes a good sniff of his favorite blankie. He likes to play Legos, go over to his friends’ house and go swimming and when we roll through the bakery at the grocery store likes to pick out his wedding cake.

Eli, 4, can tell you pretty much anything about Star Wars or Narnia and reenact entire battle scenes. He’s a fan of Spiderman as well. We’re trying to cure him of his addiction to video games.

Ezra, 2, is a daddy’s boy and likes going to the market with his dad to get potato chips and gummy worms. His favorite book is “Goodnight Moon” but if you ask him his name he’s liable to say, “Billy Bob Joe Stinky Diaper.” It’s a long story…

Olivia, 10 months, is a pure sweetie and the proud owner of 4 teeth and the longest set of eyelashes you’ll ever see. She likes to crawl around and cause trouble and eat whatever she finds on the floor. Who needs a mop?

What does our family like to do together?: We like to go to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg together (picture in your mind taking 12 children to a theme park … do you see yourself having a good time?), or we like to go pick blueberries, go to the beach, go to church…the usual stuff. We usually try and go up to Washington D.C. for the day once or twice a year to see some history stuff. We’d like to go to Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home. We like to drive across the country together. Well, not really actually. But we’re going to do it anyway. We like to be home a lot to tell you the truth. We have a good time being together. Crazy, isn’t it?

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