Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Party Is On

Evie turned 12 on Friday and she's celebrating this afternoon in style. Eight or 10 friends came over -- there's just a lot of bodies in this house right now; it's hard to count -- and they're playing a game Evie concocted. It's an acting game where they divide up into three groups and act out a movie with three judges deciding which group was the best. First up was "Sleeping Beauty" and perhaps the most impressive performance was turned in by Eli, who played the Prince. The part where he killed the dragons was especially powerful. Now they are performing "Aladdin" and my sneaking suspicion is that the team with Brenton is going to win. Brenton can recite and sing the whole "Aladdin" movie and do all the parts. It's absolutely amazing. What a talent. Needless to say, we're so proud.

Evie was born in Redmond, Ore., during a snowstorm. She was supposed to be born at home but came out at the hospital courtesy of a C-section (the little girl was breech and wouldn't turn around). Even as a baby she had these big kissable lips and big eyes. Julie always called them Rosebud lips. What a cutie. Now she's almost in high school ... hard to imagine. Her name means "life" and we have always thought it described her perfectly. Evie is so lively and energetic. On Thursday night we were at a weekly event at our church called "One Voice" that draws a couple hundred middle school, high school and college kids together for a night of worship and teaching. It's just an awesome time and on Thursday it was a night dedicated to worshiping our Lord. I remember at one point looking up toward the front during one of the songs and seeing so many of the kids with their hands raised in worship. Then in the front row I saw these little hands raised high and I could tell they were a girl's hands and she was jumping up and down. I craned my neck to see better and quickly cracked a smile. It was Evie.

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