Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sistahood

Brenton, Taylor and Ethan have formed a group called "The Brotherhood" that is essentially a group of lads intent on steering clear of the species known as the female persuasion in the interest of deepening their walk with the Lord. Bachelorhood is good, in other words. It's pretty entertaining to hear them lay out the laws, by-laws, ordinances and other rules and regulations that they live by. Taylor is the Pope of the group, in case you're wondering. Well, their younger sisters banded together with some friends to form the "Sisterhood" -- the idea being something along the lines of getting hitched someday -- but it appears even 7-year-old Madeline and her friend Lydia have gotten in on the act. This blog has obtained -- from an anonymous source (as a member of the press I'll go to jail to protect my sources) who we'll call "Deep Sticky Fingers" -- a previously unpublicized copy of the "Sister in Christ Hood girls club" document. It has a member list that runs eight deep and includes "Becca and her sister if she wants to come." Here's the "rools" of the club that we are copying verbatim:

1. If you enter this club you have to stay in it.
2. You have to keep secrets.
3. No boys aloud.
4. Only Madeline and Lydia can be the hed.
5. Always bring your Bible to come with you.
6. You don't have to dress good.
7. You have to love God.
8. There's a meeting on May first.
9. Do not say bad words.

We had a chat with Madeline about being rude (boys are allowed, or aloud, and free to go in and out of the room they are holding meetings in) and bossy (all leadership positions in the club are open to members and not reserved solely for those two). We're on board with the part about loving God and no bad words. If you're interested in joining the club and think you can keep the rools, please contact Madeline or Lydia.


  1. Lydia agrees that the "rools" are perfect. I got a good laugh. are too cute. See ya all soon.

  2. Soooo, this is the "club" that Emma was talking about. She told me all about the club that Madeline invited her too. But she said most importantly she had to bring her Bible. I said "well that sounds like a great club".