Friday, February 26, 2010

Gettin' Fixed

The other morning the kids were playing "Town." It's a very complex game which usually takes up a significant part of the day (which is always a good thing) in which everyone has some sort of function or role contributing to the community. It's an elaborate, educational game they came up with themselves Someone's a banker, someone is a baker, someone is a garbage man, someone owns a store ... and sweet Olivia is usually a thief or pickpocket roaming around the 'hood taking what she wants and creating conflict in her wake (there was talk of putting someone in charge of the town "Jail" and having Olivia as its permanent inmate, which really isn't fair because she's still learning about proper social etiquette) ... you get the idea. On this particular morning the town even had a doctor's office. Apparently Ezra had some sort of medical issue that needed attending to because he marched up to Dr. Claire and announced, "I need to get fixed!" Taylor pritnear fell down the stairs in a fit of laughter after hearing that. Ezra just had this puzzled look on his face wondering what he said. Needless to say, it was the quote of the day.

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