Thursday, February 11, 2010


Virginia failed to get the memo that this isn't Wisconsin. Or Michigan, North Dakota, the Arctic Circle or wherever snow abounds in winter. In some ways it hasn't been so bad here in Gloucester, considering Washington D.C. just north of us has had almost 5 feet of snow this winter. I'm not sure what our total snowfall has been -- it's far short of 5 feet -- but some churches haven't met for two weeks due to snow, ice and varying extreme degrees of frigidness. Twice in the past week we've had those sideways snowstorms, aka "blizzards," that cause things like a 50-car pileup on the freeway about 20 miles away from us. For us, that means another opportunity to build up our mini-sledding hill in the front yard. As you can see, Madeline took the snowboard route thanks to a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are very underrated as sleds, snowboards and other types of vehicles useful for maneuvering down snowy runs. The other good thing about the snow is that Taylor and Ethan and a buddy of theirs made the rounds of our neighborhood with snow shovels and salt and made $95 clearing driveways. They even picked up a summer lawn mowing job. Let me just say, however, that the cold and snow has worn out its welcome. We're ready for spring, followed in close order by summer. Especially considering Ethan's first baseball scrimmage is exactly a month away.


  1. Makes Virginia feel like home, eh?

  2. I am just WISHING we had winter here in Seattle. It has been El Nino all winter long with spring like temps.