Monday, February 1, 2010


We had the biggest snowstorm in 20 years hit over the weekend. The extremes in weather here are amazing. I remember the summer day the heat index scraped 120 degrees and I started sweating the second I stepped outside. I remember the day we had 10 inches of rain fall a few years back, when I thought our house might wash away. Or the summer night a thunderstorm barreled through the neighborhood very likely packing a small twister and dropped trees all around us, sending a branch through our bedroom window. And now we have a snowstorm that's a humdinger by Virginia standards. We had 8 inches of snow fall in a day, which counts for a blizzard here in Tidewater Virginia. Snow started falling early Saturday morning and continued for about 24 hours. The sun broke out sometime Sunday morning, so bright we had to shut the blinds to see the worship song words projected on the wall in our living room. (We're still meeting here for church Sunday mornings, but made an offer to lease a building so Lord willing we'll be moving on soon.) Today on my "lunch hour" we worked on building a sled run, as you can see from the photo. It wasn't exactly to Olympic standards, but it suited the kids just fine. The photo of Ezra shows how exhausting a day of building a sled run and taking runs down it on a piece of cardboard can be. But we made some memories today. We made a bunch of memories.


  1. Hey Matt....remember us? Mike Thompson from U of P?? Mike wants to know if you turned Mormon with all those kids? We only have 4, but we are grandparents now!! Hank gave us your blog address, so we will read up on your family, they are all beautiful..Mike wanted me to give you his email... hopefully, we can catch up!! Have a wonderful day..Mike and Diana Thompson