Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Church

This week was another quality week in Cornerstone School of Ministry. Some enlightening discussions, excellent instruction and provocative q&a sessions. One of the questions that came up was what's important to us in a church. But before we answer that question, another one came up that was interesting as well. Adam Poole, the director of the school, was leading a discussion on churches and asked what makes a healthy church. "No people," I blurted out. Needless to say, that wasn't the answer he was looking for.

Moving along, I did answer the question about what I'm looking for in a church. Or what's important to me, I should say. Here's my answer:
--A Bible-teaching church that is sound doctrinally. (I prefer the Calvary Chapel model where the Bible is taught verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. From cover to cover, in other words, to be immersed in the entire word of God. Not a topically-oriented teaching style.)
--Spirit-led worship. (I like contemporary, yes, but give me hymns as well. There's nothing like a hymn in worship.)
--Prayer. (Seeing as this is key to communicating with God and Christ, how do you do church and not have corporate prayer?)
--Fellowship. (Small groups, community groups, Bible studies, after-church barbecues or potlucks ... the essence of the gathering of the saints.)
--Bible-based youth ministry. (Teach the kids the word. From a very young age. At their level. 'Nuff said.)
--Missions oriented. (The great commission in Matthew 28. Own it. Love it. Live it. Be a church that looks beyond its community to the nation and world. Train up and send out believers to share the gospel within and beyond our nation's borders.)

Those are the highlights for me. Agree? Disagree? Am I missing something? Do share.


  1. Nice. I totally agree. Actually, I hear there is a church with exactly those vitally important qualities starting up in Wyoming... just a thought...

  2. Wyoming? Starting a church with the cows out there? Let me know when the blizzards stop & I'll come visit.

  3. If these things are there and thriving, with all glory going to Jesus, I don't know what more you really need, other than perhaps a coffe cart, a pastor who wears Hawaian shirts, a trendy website with a cool logo, an impressive building, a video projector, and of course, a book store where the pastor can sell all of his latest resources!

  4. The only thing you are missing, is a body of believers who are willing to serve in the church at any capacity at any time for any purpose. My family and I found a church like's not perfect and the staff and the body (that includes us)has some flaws but it is the closest thing to what you discribed in your blog. It's called Calvary Chapel Corvallis