Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let Her No Be Yes

Olivia turned 1 on Monday and already she has mastered the nod (yes) and the shake (no) of her sweet little head to signal how she feels about something. I got home from school today around 2 o'clock and shortly afterwards Julie was feeding her a late lunch. An unusually long but very pleasant (for Julie) respite for Olivia -- known in some quarters as a `nap' -- prompted a late lunch of delicious macaroni and cheese. During the course of the meal Olivia managed to successfully answer Julie's question if she wanted more -- our little girl gave a nod -- then later when asked if she was still hungry Olivia shook her head to say `no.'

"She's so smart," Julie said. "She knows her `yes' and 'no.'"

Then Olivia sat on my lap. I asked her if she missed her daddy while he was gone. By now Claire had entered the room. Olivia shook her head `no.' That drew laughs from Julie and Claire. I was stunned. And hurt. So I sweetly asked my beautiful little princess, "Do you love your daddy?"

Two shakes of the head! A resounding no! Julie and Claire were dying laughing. I pretended to cry. Olivia smiled broadly, showing her seven teeth. I'm pretty sure she was just playing us. I do believe she really missed me. She really loves me. Surely she does.

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