Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some whacked-out kid in our School of Ministry class today claimed that after two weeks the body resets its sleep clock. So theoretically, let's say you're a 7-hour-a-night sleeper. (Editor's note: Seven hours a night? Of sleep? Obviously this person doesn't have little kids. Author's reply: Couldn't have said it better babe.) Back to this alleged theory. OK, so if you're a 7-hour sleeper but have been going on 6 hours, after two weeks you'd be good with the one-hour less of sleep of night.

Where do people come up with this stuff? Heresy, I say, complete heresy. If this was true, by now in my life I would be good on, oh, 12 minutes of sleep a night. The other morning I woke up on one side of the sectional couch. It was an act of desperation to find a place where I could hopefully ditch my beautiful little angels and sleep -- that was still in the house -- without having:
--A squawking 1-year-old in my room;
--A sleepwalking 2-year-old come whisper an inch from my face with morning breath at 6 a.m. that he's hungry for French toast;
--A 4-year-old hop in around 3:27 a.m. and say he has to go pee. (Um, Eli, the bathroom is right there. You passed it on the way to my room.);
--Before I implicate anyone else, I'll just leave it at that.

You know what's funny about waking up on one side of the sectional couch in the morning? Julie was sleeping on the other section. It was kind of cute actually. We got to play footsie when we woke up together.

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