Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gumby And Faith

All apologies for the interruption in the Team Sabo blog output. This happens when you don't have Internet service, or a laptop. I spent the weekend with a friend in Gloucester -- we flew out on Thursday and flew back Monday night -- and it was excellent. It was the first time he had been to Gloucester and he loved it. At least that was my impression. The Sabo Estate, however, lacks Internet service at the moment, which is a principal cause of unproductive blogging. It was great to be back in town for a few days and see some friends, mosey through Wal-Mart, mow my lawn and sleep in my own bed.

On Monday, I met for lunch with my former editor at the Daily Press to try and get an idea of where I stood in the unemployment line. My expectation has been that I'll get my old job back once we return from our stint in the great state of Oregon. But let's just say I'm still in line. She said the Daily Press would like to hire me back and intends to hire me back as the reporter covering Gloucester County, but so far it hasn't been approved. Extenuating circumstances are a key factor at play here. First of all, the company that owns the paper is in bankruptcy. I'm no finance guy, but to me that's not a real good thing. Then you throw in all the problems newspapers are having -- declining readership, competition from the Internet, declining ad revenues and the fact the paper is still laying people off and not hiring anybody -- and you have a rather combustible mixture. My editor said my rehire `hasn't been denied' ... yet. I'm not sure if that's a positive-negative or a negative-positive. Whatever the case, if you know of any good jobs in metropolitan Gloucester, Va., drop me a line. I'm looking to keep my options open and my prayer is simply that the Lord's will be done.

We don't know if we're entering a new season of life, if this is merely a test, or what. Getting stretched in the faith department is a good thing and perhaps this is just another time I'm going to get Gumbied. Or rather we at Team Sabo are going to get Gumbied. God is good, we know that. And that's how we roll.


  1. are spot on when you say God is good. When you get a chance, listen to Pastor Rob's message on faith. He busted out some hard core application. Love you man. Brian

  2. Matt, We'll be praying. Maybe it's time to publish that book!Love your blog, btw. I just discovered it and have been reading older posts to catch up on your lives. We really would love to see you all... God bless!

  3. From the human side of things I wish you could have come back with a certain "yes, you have a job" but you and I have been found it to be true that all though we don't know the future we know the One who does. And it is ALWAYS for our best if we wait on Him. We are praying for you and will continue to do so. You have been faithful to respond to God and I don't know a time when He has ever NOT been faithful. Seriously.

  4. Matt,

    He hasn't let you down yet and I'm always amazed at how God works things out with you guys. He's up there saying 'wait...wait...ok. Now. Bless them now!'

  5. Team Sabo has at least 40 solid friends in GloTown - and many more with their extended families. The fishes, as you know, they do multiply!

    Be well, my friend.