Monday, May 11, 2009

Camera Shopping

So I'm in the hunt for a camera. A nice digital camera with a decent lens to document the life and times of Team Sabo. And, more importantly, throw some photos up on this here blog. I'd like to get one before we hit the reverse Oregon Trail. I've been looking around some to see what's out there and if anyone has any recommendations or inside information, please drop me a note.

I think it would be really cool to shoot photos of kids losing their minds in Missouri, or Utah, or wherever their relapse of schizophrenia occurs. (Editor's note: I'm not looking forward to that. And I know you aren't. Author's reply: You're right. Let's remember to pack duct tape.) Or hopefully shoot photos of the family in thickets of certified, organic Oregon High Desert sagebrush to show our Virginia friends what a chlorophyll-free zone really looks like. I'd like photos of real snow-capped Oregon mountains as we whiz by. Then when we get to the great Commonwealth of Virginia, I can snap photos of piney briar thickets, sandy beaches with kids swimming in the water without turning blue, habitable houses a half-century older than this great nation and humidity in action -- maybe a closeup of me sweating -- for our excellent friends we're leaving behind in Oregon.

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