Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Life, This Faith

I can't help myself tonight. I'm filing a second blog post. Maybe it's the ice cream. Who knows. Whatever it may be, we at Team Sabo leave for Virginia in 9 days and I don't know whether or not I have a job back at the Daily Press when we get back. And you know, I'm perfectly alright with that. Really, I am. Would I like to return to my old gig? Certainly. Truly, I enjoy writing about the goings on in Gloucester County, Va., (County motto: "Land of the Life Worth Living.") as the resident bureau reporter for the Daily Press. But who knows. The company I work for is in bankruptcy and all hiring decisions must pass through corporate headquarters in Chicago. The question in Chicago may well be, "Matt Sabo? Who's that chump?" These are bloodlettingly brutal times in the news industry and many of my colleagues and friends in the industry are out of jobs, about to lose their jobs or just plain worried about being out of work in the future.

All that stuff aside, this past year in Corvallis at Cornerstone School of Ministry has been amazing. I've learned so much, both in my melon (Editor's note: You mean in your head, right? Author's reply: You got it babe.) and in my heart. I've made friends who are brothers and sisters for a lifetime. We've laughed plenty together. We've cried together. We've sung hymns and sang praises to our Lord and rejoiced together and mourned together and wondered aloud at the amazing grace of our God. All in the same day, mostly. We've wrestled over doctrine. We've dissected and unpacked the meaning and power of Christ's words. We've argued about eternal security and been divided over the peccability or impeccability of Christ. Yet I can't imagine a single one of us trading this year for any other. Myself included, at the head of that line. In a few short days, the 17 of us full-time and assorted few other part-time, students from the Cornerstone School of Ministry class of 2009 will scatter, literally in some cases across the globe. Many of us don't know what the Lord has for us in the days, weeks and months ahead. Some of us don't have jobs lined up. Some of us don't know where we're going. Others of us know where we're going, but with trepidation.

My sense is that we're down with that. For a simple reason we find in Romans 8:28: "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." This Christian walk, to truly live it out, requires faith. And without faith, what do we have?


  1. Safe journey Team Sabo. The Land of the Life Worth Living is awaiting your return with welcoming arms.

    No need for maps. Just follow the scent of honeysuckle.

  2. Matt, we're anticipating another rousing game of wiffle ball when you get to Bend. Jerico wants in on it, but I told him he'd have to compete with Ezra. Can that kid run the bases (and then some) or what?

    Cya in a week!

  3. Way to make me teary eyed Matt.

  4. Matt, thanks for your involvement in my son's life. You were a great and godly influence on and your whole family. Thanks for making his year great, along with the whole class and profs. keep your eyes on the prize!

  5. We're going to miss you guys so so so so much! you don't even know! GOD BLESS!

  6. A certain local official, who, for some reason, is unable to log on here, has asked me to tell you that you should also consider the poison ivy that grows rampantly in Gloucester. She'd love to see you again, she says, but adds that she's concerned for your well-being, as well. Plus, she'd hafta re-cancel her subscription if you got your job back, she points out, one eyebrow arched with severe irony.

    As for we the Nefarious 40, Godspeed, brother!