Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Story Time

Julie took 42% of the Sabo children this evening for the next couple of nights and headed up to Canby to visit her folks and sister. That leaves me with 7 "kids" ... the youngest of whom is 4. Is that a fair trade? So I'm busy laboring over an outline of Luke, as is Brenton. Taylor and Ethan are catching up on their journaling for their Truth 101 class at church. That leaves Claire in charge of three little boys. She's doing a fine job. We've been taking turns telling the young lads stories at bedtime and now Claire is in on the gig. I caught snippets of her story, which involved a "castle" some heroics and other adventures.

In a big family everyone chips in. Taylor did the dishes tonight -- without me asking him to suds up; God bless that young man. I cooked dinner. This morning I got a slab of pork baby back ribs and busted out the pork rub and then drenched them in an "apple maple" barbecue sauce that sounded kind of funky but was oh so fine. I slow cooked them all day till the meat practically fell off the bone. Life is good.

Julie changed diapers and packed for her trip and generally oversaw the household. Ethan pretty much ate nonstop -- appetizers, main course, post-dinner snacking and then dessert, probably to be followed by a late-night meal -- in between hitting grounders to his little brothers and throwing batting practice in the back yard. Brenton, well, Brenton is in the same boat as me as far as schoolwork. But he's putting a dent in the fridge and pantry supplies as well. Julie, I imagine, has the two little ones asleep and is chatting up her sister. And probably enjoying the prospect of not getting pregnant anytime real soon.

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