Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Endangered Species

I came across this interesting article in the New York Times this afternoon about the rise of Islam and the decline of Christianity in the Middle East. Hold up your hand if you're surprised by this. That's what I thought. So I'm thinking about helping to reverse this trend. As I've mentioned before in this blog (I think...), within six generations we could have anywhere from 1 million to 3 million Sabos running around at present childbirth rates. I'm thinking Turkey doesn't sound too shabby. That's where our dried apricots we get from Safeway come from. So I'm sold on Turkey! Plus there's the added bonus of all those churches in Revelation that are there. Being in Turkey would give us a foothold into the Middle East. Kind of a launching pad, I figure. If you know of any job openings in Turkey or elsewhere in the cradle of civilization, let me know. Tesekkurler. (That's "thank you" in Turkish. We think.)


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  1. Matt,
    If you move to Turkey, you definitly cannot take Parker with you. LOL

    His Dad