Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 3 -- Denver, Colorado

Saturday morning started not with breakfast, but a trip to the local immediate care center in Ogden. It turns out that Olivia had a double ear infection. Which may explain the squawking and lack of sleeping the night before. I'll say this though, what a beautiful view from the care center of the Wasatch Mountains. Very impressive. You walk out the door and this snow-capped peak fills the horizon. I'm not sure, however, that it lessens the hurt of dropping 90 bucks on a doc and medicine. After we got Olivia straight, and after Julie and the kids did some serious swimming at the indoor pool at the motel, we hit the road.

Wyoming is a big state. With nothing in it. It looks like someone picked up the state, turned it over and shook it real fierce like and everything dropped out. Then Wyoming was turned back over and plopped down. There's a few people in windswept outposts like Rawlins (where we hit the 1,000-mile mark of the official Team Sabo Mad Dash Across America). Lots of cows. Some antelope. And wide open spaces. There's a lot of sky in Wyoming up there on the treeless high plains. I'm not saying that's a bad thing because I'm partial to big views. Off in the distance in places you could catch glimpses of the snow-capped Rockies and the wind farms with the humongous windmills are something else. Here's an oddity, though. We crossed the Continental Divide twice. That's some strange division. This new math is something, eh? Well, it turns out that after crossing the Continental Divide once, the road kind of makes a jog and then you have the privilege of climbing up to 7,000 feet a second time to cross again. You don't want to get cheated when you're crossing the Continental Divide. I saw some pretty cool roadkill in Wyoming: Badger. I do believe it's the first time I've seen badger -- dead on the side of the road or alive -- in my life.

We rolled into Denver around 7:30 p.m. and bolted for the house of our friends Pete and Colleen. They live in a great neighborhood and we walked a few blocks down to the local ice cream store and pretty much cleaned out the place ice cream wise. Pete sprung for the ice cream and I understand he had to get a line of credit for it. God bless the man. After we got home Evie had a bout with nausea and Abram pretty much hung out in the bathroom with "intestinal" issues. Maybe it's the mile-high altitude. Hopefully that's the case. Then Ezra fell on the bed and conked his nose. This morning he looks like he was in a boxing match. Today we head for Lees Summit, Missouri. That's where we have a house lined up where Anna Scott's grandma lived. Oh, in case you haven't been informed, my fellow Cornerstone School of Ministry graduate Anna Scott is joining the trip back to Virginia. She's rolling in a Taurus, drafting right behind the Team Sabo 15-passenger Chevy Express. We're happy to have her along.

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