Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wyoming Or Utah?

Here at the Team Sabo blog we tackle the big questions. Huge questions. We've already settled the whole cloth v. plastic diaper debate (See the "My Best Worst Diaper Story" entry on Jan. 15.), informed our loyal readers on how to kill a deadly, venomous, devour-a-child-in-one-slithering-gulp snake (Try the Feb. 17 entry on for size.) and most recently concluded that Wiffle Ball is the greatest game ever invented. But now we move on to the really, really big question. We suggest you not tackle this unless you're fully engaged, totally lubricated with adequate amounts of caffeine and have taken your ADHD, ADD, bi-polar and Preparation H medications.

So here it is: When we drive back to Virginia in three weeks and we're driving from metro Boise to Denver, do we drive through Wyoming or Utah? Now I Mapquested that baby and it told me to drive into Utah and hang a left before we got into Salt Lake City and cruise on into Wyoming all the way to Cheyenne, then hang a right to Denver because it's like 30 or 40 miles shorter or something than going through Utah. But man, that's the way we came out. Is there any chance I didn't see anything heading west in Wyoming that I might see going east? We did stop at a McDonald's in Green River, Wyo. That was pretty cool. But I'm kind of thinking I wouldn't mind driving through the very heart of Utah to see if anything looks different there. The route would go through a place on the map called "Price, Utah," which looks sort of cool to me. Here's what Wikipedia said about Price: "The city is noted for its history as a mining town, and its Greek Orthodox/Catholic/Mormon split population." Talk about diversity! Just imagine what will happen in Price when we get to town! "The city will be noted for its Greek Orthodox/Catholic/Mormon/Calvary Chapel split population." For a few minutes at least.

And out in east Utah are those funky rock formations in Arches National Park ... That's pretty cool, eh? And best yet, we could stop at the McDonald's in Green River, Utah, to see which Green River has the best McDonald's. (Editor's note: Is one McDonald's so different than the other? Author's reply: Let's find out! See how cool this is getting?) So any suggestions, advice, comments or whatever would be appreciated.

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  1. Matt, you didn't miss anything in southern Wyoming except some tumble weeds, fence posts and 5 hours of nothing. Go through Utah. Trust me on this(this is one time I REALLY know what I'm talking about).