Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Those of us in Christiandom know that KLOVE is a popular radio station heard across the country. Many of us are blessed by the sounds of Christian music filling the airwaves. Although I admit I'm more partial to Air1 -- KLOVE's sister radio station that plays to a younger audience -- I find general satisfaction in KLOVE. It beats listening to talk radio and a whole bunch of other stuff. Twice a year the station does fundraising drives. I'm annoyed by them. It's just tough listening to them ask for money. I know they are listener-funded and God bless those listeners who pony up so the rest of us can enjoy some Christian tuneage, but that doesn't ease my annoyance.

Here's my principal beef with the whole thing. I looked up KLOVE's Form 990, which is basically an accounting of its money that every nonprofit is supposed to file annually with the IRS. The most recent Form 990 I found through was for 2007. Whoa nelly! Some folks are making some coin off of KLOVE. The station, based in Rocklin, Calif., reported total revenue of $82.8 million in 2007. The expenses were $62.1 million, leaving an excess of $20.7 million. Is it me or is that a lot of dough? The station also reported net assets of $100 million. Nice.

Here are the top five paid employees of KLOVE:
1) Dick Jenkins, CEO--$283,452
2) Mike Novak, President--$225,018
3) Jon Rivers, Music Director--$220,730 (No longer with the station effective March 30 for unexplained reasons.)
4) Joseph Miller, Assistant Treasurer--$204,859
5) Keith Whipple, Secretary--$192,968

I counted 12 employees earning more than $100,000. Not too shabby, eh? At the least, it's something to think about the next time a pledge drive rolls around.


  1. when I think "non-profit" I think "non" "no" spelled forwards and backwards, "profit" "finacial gain"...sure glad Jesus isn't non-profit, it's just
    "free grace" no cost.
    We will miss you guys. have a good trip home, home!!

  2. Maybe you should get a job with them after your amazing speaking debut yesterday!

    Love the picture of you and Julie, love it.

  3. I was thinking about writing a piece on my own blog - their underhanded techniques to guilt people into contributing have infuriated me - I've said a few unChristian things in my car. I'm to the point where I don't ever want to listen to the station again.

    But I figured I would see if I was the only one who had problems. Cause who knows - maybe I'm being uncharitable.

    But your blog confirms to me that I'm having a justified reaction.

    The CEO makes $283 k? For a listener supported station - that is disgusting. I'm all for them making decent living, do not get me wrong - but unless he/she lives in LA or San Francisco or New York City (and why should they?) they are living very well off - and then they guilt people who are *maybe* making 20,000 a year and can barely survive into giving $20 a month? Its one thing if the Holy Spirit is telling a person to do so, its another thing when they are preying on the flesh.

  4. God Bless you for having 12 kids, well I guess we can say, he already did. I came across your Blog because i wanted to look up K-Love's 990. I serve and have served on the finance committees of a few non-profits and it is a great insight into an organization. I too was amazed at the numbers, they are much more impressive in 2011 then they were in 2007. Net revenue over expenses was 34.7m and net assets are now 206m. The CEO makes over 450k. I think it is a great ministry and I really enjoye listening to it. As a donor, I am questioning if my limited donations should go to another wonderful Christ serving ministry that is in greater need. Thanks for posting this on your blog. John Henne (just 4 kids)

  5. Thank you for covering this topic. I came across it and it confirms the questions running through my head every time Klove, Airone and Flr run their "We desperately need your money!" scam. I only feel the need to give after listening to all their stories and then forget about it when I turn off the radio. This is a signal to me that it's not the Holy Spirit asking me to donate. If you can forget about it when it's not in front of you then it's not where you need to be donating. I'm not saying this is always the case but it creates suspicion. I often wonder during pledge time when they heard from one of their "Anonymous generous donors" if that could possibly be one of their wealthy owners instead...

  6. Have called K Love for personal prayer and there is no one available ... a signal came to me to look up reviews ... I will give one to one to people in need and not give to a million dollar empire promising the poor blessings ... Do not give to K Love unless you support a misuse of monies ... have called for prayer and no one available ... they desperately need money ... yes, to support the payroll ... wealthy owners ... no one available for prayer ... a disgrace to the work of God

  7. K Love ... opened a broken heart ... six requests for live prayer ... no one available ... the pledge drive to support hugh salaries while others can not find a job, food, in despair ... a past K Love supporter and now gone ...K Love assests are in the millions and they prey upon those struggling and/or not having basic needs met .... a simple prayer request after six calls .... God responded to reveal a Scam .... google K Love reviews

  8. I am a 60 yr old disabled man, I was homeless 4 yrs ago. I live in a sec 8 apartment on Long Island. I wrote Mr. Novak a letter to see if he could help a disabled man improve his quality of life. I have a hard time receiving K-Love at my home, I asked for help with a digital box. My car is a mess.. I asked for help with crowdfunding a new car and or repairs to my car.. I am not able to walk far with a messed up ankle.. I was so disappointed that he wrote me back and really told me that he was a not for profit. and could not help me in any way.. I told him a lot of months I can't eat the last days of the month. I have no money. I can't get around.. And I am doing the best I can volunteering to mentor and tutor kids at my library. I was a Sunday school teacher until my church changed formats..

    I was awaked last night to GOD speaking to me to follow the money.. Do they feed anyone.. Are these pledge drives just all lies. I think so.. This is all a scam.. I would suggest that no one gives a penny to K-LOVE until we see where the money goes.. These men getting 6 figures are laughing all the way to the bank..

    GOD showed me they are a major scam.